Transcribe Your Video Calls for Easy Reference and Record Keeping

Video content is taking over the content marketing world, and it is worthy of the hype it is receiving. Videos are engaging, entertaining, and can convey emotions and messages that text-only content cannot. However, there is a small problem for some people, and that accessibility. Videos are not accessible to everyone, be it individuals with hearing impairments or those who prefer reading over watching. Video transcription is a solution to this problem. This article discusses the importance of video transcription for accessibility and SEO and how it helps in getting your video content discovered by search engines.


Accessibility is a top priority when it comes to content creation. By adding transcripts to your video content, you’re making it accessible to a wider audience, specifically the deaf or hard-of-hearing community. For some, watching videos is not always an option, making transcripts beneficial for those who prefer reading. Accessibility is not only an ethical consideration but also legal. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) covers online content, and by not providing accessibility, you run the risk of violating this legislation.


Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, refers to appearing at the top of search results pages without paying for ads. It’s critical to get your content found quickly, and video transcription helps you do that. By including transcripts of your videos, you’re effectively giving search engines more data to crawl and index, leading to better rankings in the search engine results pages and improving your overall online visibility.
Improves user experience

Video transcription (תמלול וידאו) have the benefit of requiring minimal effort from your audience, as they can easily understand the video’s plot without struggling to hear. It also leads to a better user experience by giving your visitors the option to choose the means through which they want to consume your content.

Increased watch time

A recent study showed that transcribing your video content can increase viewership by up to 80%, and a significant percentage of viewers prefer knowing what to expect before watching a video. This means by providing a transcript, people are more likely to watch your entire video, instead of leaving early.

In short

In conclusion, video transcription provides an excellent solution for improving accessibility and search engine optimization. In addition, it leads to increased watch times, a better user experience, and avoiding legal trouble. By providing video transcription, you open the door to maximizing the value of your videos while simultaneously expanding your user base. It’s a small step that has significant and far-reaching benefits, a step that you need to take!

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